A World of Poems


A world of Poems

Is all I need

A comfortable home

A shelter to carry me

Nights for wandering

And days kept aside to read

A world of poems

is all I need

Where all my little secrets

Can come out in relief

A letter here and there,

For the people and places

I have seen


Short Stories


So many stories dwelling around

So many stories hiding inside

It’s hard to decide

Which ones to engrave

Which ones to erase

And which ones to celebrate



Photo Credit : hdimagelib.com


Lonely Wakes

They show me your promises

They show me your love

They show me,

These unknown frequencies

I have not yet understood

So Many Words


You were with me


At the beginning of everything

When this world hadn’t begun

You were with me

My soul knew yours

And had you with her

But then

We came to this place

Separated, as strangers to one another

You are so far away now

Might not even remember me

As you go on with your adventures


It took me a long time

 To recognize your soul

But I did, because I only had you

Then, there at the beginning of everything

So I hope and pray

 Before long, you get to remember

That place, her signs and my soul

Odd Hours


I was awake

When the storms came,

Late that night

All almighty and not bowing

I felt the presence

That comforting blanket

Spreading around

I knelt down to pray

For everything!

For the war to be won

For the love to be mine

But I could only listen

And so

I only listened